Dragon Forge (Xbox Live Arcade)

Developer(s) – Digital Candy

PEGI – 3


Dragon Forge is an extremely obscure game ported to the Xbox Live Arcade some time ago that revolves around the simple premise of having to destroy as much as possible with a player-controlled dragon. It plays out almost identically to Lair, except it is indeed far worse in every single aspect.


Graphics – 1/10

Aside from looking like something that could possibly run on Nintendo 64 hardware, containing very primitive graphics and minimal textural detail, there is also next to no thought put into the conceptual design, with only a black dragon and a few splashes of scenery. It’s a distinctive shame since I think the primitive-looking visuals could have even been forgiven if the developers had put a bit more effort into making the game than they did.


Gameplay – 1/10

The game focuses on an extremely monotonous and uneventful premise, that makes for one of the worse video game experiences of all time. If the seventh generation had developers and games that made next to no impact and remained rightfully obscure, like most games developed by Color Dreams on the NES, then I think Digital Candy and Dragon Forge can be best described as their equivalents.


Controls – 1/10

To the people who have played Lair, and thought that game was impossible to cope with, you’ll be even more insulted if you ever come to play this monstrosity of a video game; the controls are stiff, buggy and aiming can feel like an almost impossible task at the best of times. To the people who have played neither Lair nor this, keep it that way.


Originality – 0/10

I think the only way that this game stands out among others is how little there is within it. Magnavox Odyssey games had more to it than in this, and I think a game like this would be an embarrassment from the point of view of either any developer or gamer.




In summation, Dragon Forge may very well be one of the worst games I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across and is a strong contender for the worst game of all time. It leaves a very dark and distinct stain on the gaming industry, as well as empty CVs for its respective developers



0.5/10 (Beyond A Joke)

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