Q&A with Team Blacksea Odyssey

Going into 2016, something else I wanted to bring to the table a lot more regularly was interviews with aspiring video game development companies, who dedicate their time to bringing their own gaming experiences to as many different platforms as possible amidst the massive influx of indie games to have surfaced over the five to six years. The first of my 2016 developer Q&As is with Sean Pinnock; technical director at Team Blacksea Odyssey, and developers of the space shooter of the same name.

The team launched a Kickstarter campaign in late 2015, and by the end of December, the game was successfully funded and will be coming to PC platforms later on in the year. As a fan of shoot ’em ups, this game naturally caught my attention, and I wanted to find out more about it, and what the inspirations and challenges were behind the game’s creation. This is what Sean Pinnock had to say in regards to Blacksea Odyssey:

Blacksea Odyssey 1

What has the player reaction been like towards the game so far?

The Player’s reaction has been mixed depending on the player’s previous interest in games. However, those individuals that are more interested in indie titles, and especially those interested in space shooters have really loved our game! People especially have enjoyed fighting our bosses.


What has the developmental process been like overall?

Development has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotion as well as a technical feat. We’ve had many difficult obstacles we had to overcome time and time again but we keep prevailing and pushing forward. We’re looking forward to completing the final product.


What has been the most exciting thing about developing the game so far?

Fan feedback has been the greatest thing for us so far. Watching people’s excitement as they play our game is extremely rewarding.


By proxy, what has been the most challenging thing about developing the game so far?

 I think for each of us on the team we could probably answer something different, but overall without a doubt losing our funding from our previous publisher and being forced to turn to Kickstarter was the hardest thing for us.


What were the key inspirations behind the overall concept of the game?

The Old Man and the Sea as well as Moby Dick were our original inspirations for the game. A few of our favorite video game titles inspired us afterward.


What possible future projects have you been contemplating?

To be honest we made a rule not to talk or even think about future projects until Blacksea Odyssey was done. This is so we could stay focused. Virtual Reality has always interested us though.

What other platforms are you looking to bring the game to?

PC, MAC & LINUX as well as Xbox One & PS4. We have talked about the PS Vita as well as the Wii U but we’re not sure if either of them will be technically feasible.


Do you have any advice for any aspiring developers?

Nothing about making a game is easy, you have to be passionate about what you do or you’ll lose the focus to do it. Go out there and start making games as soon as you can and find out if it’s something you really enjoy.

Do you have anything else to add?

Nothing else, except to make sure to check out our website at blackseaodyssey.com as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our development process is very open and we love to hear feedback from our fans, so feel free to drop by and ask us anything.


Blacksea Odyssey 2

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the project, here are links to the team’s site, as well as their social media pages. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Team Blacksea Odyssey the best of luck with their impressive-looking game, and all the best for future projects.




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