VR Here: A Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade

Around the time I first started writing, and after having allowed myself the time to research video gaming further than I had ever done previously before 2014, I had maintained a certain level of scepticism about the concept of Virtual Reality gaming, and how exactly it could be made to work. It all began when I learnt about Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, created by company pioneer Gunpei Yokoi, and released to the Japanese and American regions between 1995 and 1996. Using a monochromatic display, similar to Yokoi’s prior commercial success, the Game Boy, The Virtual Boy became the second worst selling Nintendo console to date behind the Nintendo 64DD, due to factors such as it’s astronomical retail price of $500, causing players discomfort while playing and extremely limited third party developmental support. As a result, Nintendo have been waiting for VR gaming to become more popular among the gaming mainstream for them to attempt to create a system in the same vein again, as outlined by the president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-aime

However, as of 2015, from the time of which I had begun to be invited to numerous video games expos throughout the country such as Replay Expos, Comic Cons and EGX, I have witness firsthand the resurgence of Virtual Reality gaming, and the drastic improvements undertaken in the development of such peripherals as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Overtime, the scepticisms about how the concept of VR gaming could be made to work in a practical sense have been periodically quashed, as I have been given the opportunity to try these fantastic gaming platforms, and to indulge in some really exciting gaming experiences, such as Battle Zone, Superhot and Nerve. However, the market for VR gaming has been going beyond exhibition at expos in recent years.

VR Here is a specialized Virtual Reality gaming arcade based in Liverpool (the first in the country, in fact), which has since branched out to other regions in the UK in both Manchester and London. Opening in 2016, the Liverpool branch has VR booths in-house, and also offers a hiring service for players wishing to bring VR gaming to their birthday parties, or for companies for corporate events. This week, I had the pleasure of trying some the games VR Here had to offer, and learning of what the future holds for the arcade. Always looking to continue to branch out, not only will they provide VR experiences, but they will also be using motion trackers to enhance the VR experience with the pending arrival of the game Final Goalie VR. But for the moment, the arcade has a wide range of games for adamant players to try either at the arcade or for party hire, including:

. Superhot VR

. Brookhaven Experiment

. Portal Stories

. The Lab

. The Blu

. Raw Data

. Quiver

. Job Simulator

. Katana X

. Space Pirate Trainer

For anyone looking to book and try VR Here, the prices are £20 for half an hour and £30 for a full hour. VR Here are also open Tuesday to Friday from 17:00 to 22:00. Bu any further information can be found on the company’s website:




I had a great time at VR Here and I would recommend gamers at any skill level to try it. For beginners, there will be staff there to help you get started and to make it the best experience possible.

Game on,

Scouse Gamer 88

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