Q&A With Haywire Studios Volume 2

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of playing and reviewing the game A Matter of Time created by Australian developers Haywire Game Studios. An action-oriented top-down 8-BIT RPG, tells the story of a 12th-century warrior named James, who after an intense battle, is transported by a mysterious organization 1100 years into the future in order to combat an evil entity known as the Dark Atomos, which is ravaging time and space. I’d been following this project closely since the success of its Kickstarter campaign back in 2018 and after having played the finished product, I was pretty impressed with how the game turned out, despite numerous different changes on the project throughout the course of its development.

After having previously interviewed the game’s principal designer, Cameron “CamCog” Coggins, I got in touch with him again ahead of the game’s full release on Steam later on this month to ask a few more questions about the game and how the developmental plans had changed dramatically since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Here’s what Cameron had to say about the developmental process behind creating A Matter of Time:


A Matter of Time 2 1

What other RPG series inspired the creation of this game besides Undertale?

Large inspirations for A Matter of Time were RPG games such as The Legend of Zelda, Hyper Light Drifter, and Fallout (apparent within the Wasteland setting).


How well has the game been received by the community ahead of its release?

The game is yet to be shared with the community on a large scale. However, the Kickstarter backers and those who have tested/reviewed it have seemed to receive it well.


The last time we spoke, there were a lot of things planned for this game in terms of the inclusion of more abilities for the paradox cape, such as hypnotizing enemies, which ultimately didn’t make it in. How did the developmental process change throughout the course of the game’s development cycle?

Due to time constraints, I decided not to implement these abilities within the game. I didn’t feel as if these mechanics were a priority and they would have been extremely time-consuming to create.


A Matter of Time 2 2

Which were the historic battles that inspired the creation of A Matter of Time?

The Battle of Hattin is the inspiration for the game’s initial setting.


How are you and the development team feeling ahead of the game’s release?

Mainly relieved that the game has finally reached completion. Furthermore, I am very much looking forward to sharing this three-year-long project with the world.


What’s next for Haywire Studios?

Nothing has been planned as of now. There may be a hiatus with developments due to other commitments but I’m sure Haywire Studios will eventually return!


A Matter of Time 2 3

What would you say about the game development scene in Australia right now?

I haven’t exactly noticed anything significant. However, there is certainly a lot more time for indie developers to code due to COVID. 


In my review, I mentioned that there is definitely scope for expansion on the game’s mythology. Are you looking to revisit this series in the future?

Depending on how this pilot game is received by the community, the AMOT series may be revisited. However, there aren’t currently any plans in place for a sequel.


If you and the team were given the opportunity to develop a big-name video game series, which would you pick and why?

I believe it would be very enjoyable to develop for the Fallout series. It is a familiar genre (RPG) and there are so many elements, features, and storylines that I would like to see implemented within the series in future games.


A Matter of Time 2 4

Do you have any further advice for aspiring developers that may be reading this? 

When working on a long-term project, budgeting and time-managing correctly are paramount in keeping organized. If you fail to do both of these, you may end up either spending too much or falling far behind in development. 


Do you have anything else to add?

Thanks to ScouseGamer for the review and Q&A opportunity!


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Cameron for allowing me to appraise the game before its release and for both Q&As conducted over the last few years ahead of the release of this game. You can download A Matter of time upon release via the link below:


It’s an enjoyable title with a variety of combat options and potentially extensive mythology behind it and I wish Cameron and Haywire studios the best of luck with this title.

Game on,

Scouse Gamer 88

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