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Iron Snout (PC)

Developer(s) – SnoutUp Games

Rating – N/A (Violence settings adjustable)


Starting life as a simple flash game, Iron Snout has since been ported to Steam, whereupon its official release on the online gaming service has received an overwhelmingly positive response for its addicting, yet simple style of gameplay and quirky art style. Having played this game myself, it’s simple to understand where all the hype comes from, especially for a game that is currently free to play; it is indeed a compulsive and extremely satisfying gaming experience, and it has a lot more depth than first impressions may suggest.


Graphics – 7/10

The game’s visuals are of the quality that a gamer can come to expect with an independently developed flash game; basic and cartoony, but with its own small sense of creative charm. Iron Snout seemingly follows the tableau of The Little Red Riding Hood made evident by certain enemies, and with the concept of the natural order of wolves preying on pigs; although if players are proficient enough, it will largely seem like the other way round. Many Flash game developers such as Edmund Macmillan have come to be known for their exemplary conceptual designing, but whilst this game isn’t anywhere as diverse in visual representation as The Binding of Isaac or Super Meat Boy, this game does retain some value in this respect.


Gameplay – 8/10

Where this game’s real strength lies is undoubtedly in its gameplay; indeed as should be the case with any game in my opinion. The object of Iron Snout is to kill as many enemies as possible before the player character’s health runs out. It seems like a simple enough objective, but as I alluded to, there is a certain depth to it that makes it much easier said than done. Different kinds of enemies can appear on-screen at any given time, forcing players to have to strategize in accordance with what they are faced with. It forces players to largely have to think on their feet, which sets this game apart from a typical Flash game. The stratagem involved was most certainly a welcome addition.


Controls – 10/10

The game’s control scheme is as simple as a control scheme could possibly get, and therefore, a player’s level of success is measured by how quickly and sharply they can react to what is on the screen at any given time. The only buttons involved are the directional buttons of the PC keyboard, which keeps controlling the game thankfully simple for how much there is to have to think about whilst playing.


Originality – 7/10

It’s rare that I have personally come across Flash games that I believe have the potential to become released to a more mainstream gaming audience. I’ve seen it with the likes of The Binding of Isaac and X-Type +, but a vast majority of them seem to have less potential attached to them, and as a result, I have generally avoided reviewing such games. But if more games like this are developed, which are able to stand out as much as this title does, it could very easily change my perceptions of such in time.



HappiiIron Snout

Overall, I was extremely surprised by just how good a game Iron Snout is. It’s addictive, challenging, fairly well presented, and is available to play right now, at any time, and at no cost, which for all these reasons, it comes highly recommended from me.



8/10 (Very Good)