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Plants Vs Zombies (Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, Blackberry & Bada)

Developer(s) – PopCap Games

Publisher(s) – PopCap Games

Distributor(s) – Electronic Arts

Designer – George Fan

PEGI – 12


Inspired after playing Warcraft III tower defense mods, as well as one of his previous games Insaniquarium, George Fan, and PopCap released the original Plants Vs Zombies back in 2009, when it received overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim, and eventually went on to become a cultural phenomenon. Personally, I was addicted to Plats Vs Zombies for quite some time after I started playing it. I would recommend anyone with any of the platforms it’s available on to pick up a copy.


Graphics – 8/10

Taking place in a strange world where zombies are a looming threat, and planting various types of flora are the only way to stop them, the game’s visuals are presented in a very cartoon-like style, and are extremely varied in its different level settings, characters, and variations of different units to be either employed or combated against. It obviously took a great deal of imagination to come with a concept as outlandish as the one presented in this game. They’re the kind of ideas I love to see in games; the kind that may sound ridiculous on paper, but end up becoming something particularly special on a games console.


Gameplay – 9/10

The gameplay is unbelievably addictive as well as incredibly satisfying. Aside from the main storyline, there are also several other game modes to be experienced, such as the various different puzzle modes, side challenges, the Zen garden mode, whereby the player can grow plants in a garden to make money, and much to my own personal delight, a survival endless mode. That there is indeed an endless mode to this game, of course, means that it also has an infinite lifespan, and lasts only as long as an individual’s commitment to the game. It really is extraordinary how so much variety in gameplay was packed into such a title.


Controls – 8/10

One piece of advice I would be able to give to anyone who may be looking to try this game out (which I highly recommend), is that the best platform to play it on would most probably be a tablet since of course, the controls would be a touchscreen, and the screen itself would be sizable enough. Playing it on the console is feasible, but it’s a bit more annoying, since the game was originally designed to work on PC, and commands can’t be issued quite as fast, which could theoretically cost players a match if factored into enough times.


Originality – 7/10

There have been many different tower defense games to come along over the years, especially on the internet, but Plants Vs Zombies stand out among them all for its exceptional variety in gameplay, as well as its strangely compelling conceptual design. To me, it’s no wonder why this game has left such a durable legacy within the industry and has spawned a sequel and spin-off series.




In summation, Plants Vs Zombies is one of the most satisfying games to play from the seventh generation. I was personally thrown by just how good a game it is; there’s much more to it than meets the eye.



8/10 (Very Good)