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Last year whilst scoping out new up-and-coming video game projects, I came across Genetix Studios and their adventure RPG sandbox game Rogue Harvest. Reminiscent of games such as Minecraft and Terraria, but hearkening back to 16-bit classics such as Final Fantasies IV, V & VI, I was intrigued to find out more about the project, and what Genetix Studios took as an influence for the game, as well as the various different challenges and experiences the studio have had with the game so far. Here is what they to say:


What were the influences behind Rogue Harvest?

A lot of gamers will quickly recognize elements of Don’t Starve, Minecraft, and Terraria – those are games that I have played a lot of. I grew up in the late ’80s and 90’s – games like Harvest Moon, the Final Fantasy series, Sim City, and many more (hundreds) have all, at some point had an influence on Rogue Harvest. Also dreams, and the human urge to explore.


What has the developmental process been like?                   

I started working on Rogue Harvest back in 2013. At the time, it was just being made for fun – and to learn a bit about building a procedurally generated world. This last summer I began to seriously think about trying to put a game out on Steam. At that point, Rogue Harvest was only a shell of a game, but I thought it would something worth developing further. I picked it back up and started crafting it into a full experience. I’m currently working on it every day.


What has been the most exciting aspect of development?

Releasing a new update and getting feedback from players has been exciting, and also really helpful. Watching people play the game for the first time and learning how things work, and seeing the game make them smile is the most rewarding part of it all.


What has been the most challenging aspect of development?

Balancing the game. For some people the game is way too hard, for others, they are great at it and it becomes too easy. Keeping the game challenging, while not overbearing is a hard thing to pull off. Throw in permanent death, and you can easily frustrate players. The game is still being balanced with each update.

How well has the game been received so far?

Relatively well, it has gathered a small but loyal group of fans that really enjoy it. Most of the feedback has been positive, but it has had a fair share of criticism as well. One Twitch streamer didn’t like it because it is a 2d game… Other feedback has actually been really useful. Overall, Rogue Harvest seems to be gaining traction and better feedback with every update.


What platforms are you looking to bring the game to in the future?

Great question and there is a lot of potential here. Outside of Steam, I am planning to bring the completed version of Rogue Harvest to other PC gaming markets. I am also currently in the process of learning to develop console kits – such as PlayStation 4, Vita, and Xbox One. At some point, I hope to publish a game on those platforms and Rogue Harvest would be the idle project to port if so. Right now I am entirely focused on the Steam build and optimizing for that audience.


Do you have any advice for aspiring developers that may be reading this?

So much, but above all things – stick with it. I have been building video games for the last 16 years, and for the most part, I never showed them to more than a few people. Make games because you love to, not for the money. If you make a game that is fun for you, others will also find it fun.


Where about on the Internet can people find you?

I am on Twitter @GenetixGames and also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/genetixstudio  – I am currently still building an official website for Genetix Studio.


Do you have anything else to add?

I am building Rogue Harvest to be the kind of game that I want to play. It is not for everyone, but will hopefully be something truly special for those that get a chance to play through it. If you do play the game, I hope it will spark your creativity and that you enjoy it.


Lastly, I would like to thank Genetix Studios for agreeing to take part in one of my developmental questions and answer sessions and to announce that I will be giving my own final review of this game on the site fairly soon.

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